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Employees Honored for Years of Service and New Employees
Front: Audrey Poppen (21 yrs ICAP), Pete Dumke (15 yrs Maintenance), Mary J Ingalls (25 yrs ROD Office)
Back (New Employees): Steve Rhody & DeAnne Dumke (Commissioners), Sarah White (ROD Office), Davita Atyeo (4-H Advisor), Casey Mette (Treasurer's Office)
Dean Gruener (25 yrs Hwy)
Jim Perkins (20 yrs Hwy)

Randy Petrick
(5 yrs EM Director)
Scott Ruby (5 yrs Maintenance)
Dave Solem (25 yrs Sheriff's Office)
John Knight
(20 yrs State's Attorney)


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Notice of Adoption  (August)
Provisional Budget

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     Health & Welfare
     Culture and Recreation & Conservation of Natural Resources
     Urban and Economic Development & Other Uses
     Net Means of Finance
Notice of Public Hearing (July)
Notice of Adoption (July)
Position Announcement (June)
Notice of Hearing to Rezone (June)
Notice of Primary Election (May)
Notice of Meeting Date Change (May)
Notice of Public Hearing on Malt Beverages (May)
Deadline for Voter Registration (April)
Secretary of State's Web Site (April)
Job Opening (March)
Notice of Meeting of County Equalization Board (March)
Job Announcement (March)
2013 Annual  Financial Report (March)
Notice of Call for Bids (March)
Notice of Deadline for Filing Nominating Petitions (February)
Drainage Office Hours (January)
Annual Financial Statements (March)
   Statement of Net Position
   Statement of Activities
Deuel Area Development Website (January)
Ordinance 2011-01 (September)
Notice Against Cropping of County Right of Way (May)
View the Festival of Trees (December)
Zoning Office Location and Hours (July 22)
Zoning Ordinance B2004-01
(affective September 23)
Overweight Permit Ordinance (May)
Deuel County Community Foundation (link)

    85th Anniversary of the Deuel County Courthouse
    South Dakota Secretary of State
(includes voter information and absentee ballot application forms)